First Edition

Available in New Zealand from the author – signed NZ$60 + postage


Third Edition

Available online from Amazon and most other booksellers. Hardbound or paperback. Published 


4th Edition

The 4th edition is in draft form, available from the author in a pdf that can be printed locally. The major change is rebranding as MarketTown with updates reflecting advances in technology and market changes.

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The Books


Author: Claude Lewenz 

In 2007, Claude had a choice to do a PhD or write a book. He decided researching a book would be more useful than a parchment on the wall. A book has a life of its own. It travels, it is passed around, and it lasts, not dependent on tech.

If you buy the book  enjoy it and when done, pass it on or loan it to someone else. Don’t let it collect dust.

The front cover is the main street of a village in Greece. A million people walk it every year, yet it is two metres wide. It was to show planning officials there are better alternatives than designing every street for cars.

The first edition print run of 1,500 books was projected to sell 750. At the launch in Australia over a thousand were sold. Only a few first edition copies remain with the author.

The 2nd and subsequent editions were print on demand (POD) became more accessible. In POD one uploads the book and cover in pdf form to the cloud, provides a bank account to deposit royalties and you are done except for spreading the word.

Sales continues to do well with numbers in the high thousands. Demand has been sufficient to require updates, with the 3rd edition online now, and the 4th edition when Claude can find the time to update it. The updates are needed both because of how rapidly the world has changed, and because some of the concepts took time to come clear.